The North Design Suite is an integrated family of specialized software programs that brings unprecedented power and flexibility to sail and rig analysis. Each specialized program can interface with others within the suite, allowing North sail designers and engineers to virtually sail and test a boat in an infinite variety of conditions before construction. NDS significantly expands a designer’s ability to test different sail and rig combinations and accurately measure results. Equally as important, NDS significantly reduces tuning and development time after launch.
North Design Suite Software Modules...
DESMAN™ ... rig and sail CAD modeling
SPRIAL™ ... creates the 3-dimensional sail “mold”
3D LAYOUT™ ... defines the structure of the sail
FLOW™ ... applies wind pressure to 3-dimensional sail mold and provides sail forces
MEMBRAIN™ ... balances wind pressure, sail shape and rig forces
SAIL SCAN™ ... compares actual sail shapes to Membrain predicted sail shapes where possible
NORTH VPP™ ... predicts yacht performance with special attention to sail shapes
HULL VPP™ ... calculates lift and drag on hull and appendages
VIRTUAL WIND TUNNEL™ ... models air flow on upwind and downwind sails
RACE MODEL™ ... measures effects of sail/rig adjustments on rating and vice versa
SPP™ ... regression analysis to calculate hull forces without existing hull data
ROUTER ... predicts sail performance using historical weather over a specific race course or leg
HULL DATA™ ... hull CFD to measure hull drag and appendage lift for the North VPP
SAIL COMPARE™ ... overlays Membrain results for comparison
SAILECT™ ... shows sail crossovers in a user friendly format



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